Thursday, May 3, 2007

My afternoon

Well it's thursday morning but I ment to write this up wednesday night.

Anywho, every weds. I goto the MET around 7:00 for AA (Actors Annonymous) and this week as we drove past the intersection to get there, there was was a large group of protesters (for the war) so I rolled down my window and held out the peace sign, and they all started chearing (pretty cool) Well at AA Matt and Jack went to go rent Cannible (sp?) the Musical so the rest of us went to the protest, it was a lot of fun, here's some pics I took on my cell.

In other news, DEANS BACK!!! Our next AA show got pushed back from next weekend (11th, 12th) to the following weekend (18th and 19th around 10:00). So come and see it, I'll have more info as it comes.

After AA I insisted we drive back the spot where we saw the VW Bus before, and it was still there, except on the other side of the street, this gave me the opportunity to take two more pictures.

Well that's it, I have to go eat breakfast. See you all soon.

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