Monday, July 2, 2007

Last night was hell.

I had some weird stomach pain, which wouldn't let me sleep from 10:00-after my dad left for work (around 4:30). So when I finally got to sleep I slept until noon. Not the best sleep I've had in a while that's for sure. I was at creation last week in case no one knew, and I got a sweet "Poop On Satan" shirt. They had a shirt I was going to get that said "Jesus Died For Terrorists" which was a great shirt in my opinion, but then the back ruined it by saying "Christ Died for all acts of terror, even Abortion". Seeing as I'm not all the way for abortion, but not all the was against it either I shot down the decision of buying the shirt. Um, that's about it except wednesday is The Fourth of July and my family and the Perpers are getting together, and hopefully on the fifth of July I'll go check out Transformers!

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