Friday, August 10, 2007

California day 3

Last night after Wicked (which was good I really liked the artistic style) We met Eden Espinrosa (Alphaba) and I met Carol Kane, who played the Ghost of Christmas Present in Scrooged with Bill Murray, and was Maddam Morrible in the Show.

Today David and I went to a place like Adventure Park, and I won a green fake tiger skin tie for 250 tickets. And when we got home David got his Wii in the Mail (SWEET) I tried to configure the internet, but I got an error message, apparently their Router has a WEP Key security thing, so I'm going to have to take that up with Uncle Jeff. Charles come back from camp tonight, and my sunburns gotten better YAY!

On Sunday we're going to see a Second City Sketch show, and then an Improv show, because Uncle Jeff is good friends with one of the guys in it.


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