Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Superbad premiere and Day 7

Last night we went to the SuperBad premiere, we stood across the street while people showed up and walked down the red carpet, David spade showed up, but was too elusive to be seen. I'll post the pics when I get back.

Today we're hanging around the house until the afternoon, when we're going to go to the high schooll musical 2 premiere. I guess that's kinda cool, I'm not really a HSM fan. Oh, and a special thanks to Mrs. Perper for E-mailing me my schedule, below are my classes.
Sem 1:
1-adv acting
2-English 11
3-German 2
sem 2:
1-Web Sight Developement
2- AM Studies 2
3-Intro to programing
4- Computer Graphics 2

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