Friday, December 7, 2007

Crazy Dream.

I had this dream last week. But I typed it on Wednesday, and here it is now, *Caution this does contain minor spoilers for "Cell" readers.-
Cell-esque Dream: So here’s what I remember… (Note this dream had been going on far longer from where I begin, but those aspects are a blur, so I’m beginning from where I can remember.) I know there’s some type of 3 room building, 2 side rooms containing multiple bunkbeds (3 bunks) and one room in between the two. The characters from what I remember were myself, ___________ (looked like him but didn’t act like him) and _______ (he was there but didn’t say much) and of course others but I can’t recall who. The world had become a mess, and we were living in this building with multiple others. In cell the “phone crazies” only come out during the day, but this time it was night time (as most conventional zombie tales). I remember “_____” and I having a conversation about how no matter who in our group was the first to die, we would buy combine our money to buy an actual tombstone, (how we were going to have a funeral in this time is unclear to me, but I seem to remember the tombstones costing around $411). At one point near the end of the dream, I remember looking out the partially destroyed windows in the front of the building and noticing a man limping on a crutch (with one broken leg) crossing the street. When suddenly the sun begins to set (quickly like in Ocarina of time) so he begins to rush across the street to get to shelter when he almost makes it and all of a sudden a car comes into the frame and nearly crashes into the guy but it stops leaving less than 6 inches between the two (I’m pretty much terrified for him at this point). At that point it becomes a sort of twilight setting and I notice a larger car go buy (at this point I loose focus on the crippled man but I think he made it inside ok, however I feel like he didn’t for some reason) The larger car has to be filled with nearly 20 people, all of them clearly wearing that crazy Eskimo type hat _______ has. At that point I realize that most of the kids in there are some of my friends who take/took German, and one of the is quick to notice me and point me out. Then none other than Frau _______ (my German teacher) steps out of the car and says something to which I can’t remember. Around that point I woke up. From what I remember it seemed to be in my head that this was something out of cell, fact of the matter was during my dream I saw no zombies or phone crazies, but I feel like that had to be what was going on, and that’s what I felt in the dream. But I can confirm that at this point the world had plunged into chaos and it had been going on for almost 3 days.

Crazy huh? Well there you go. Some cool news, Alex and Ryan have thought a new movie that's going to be pretty serious and intense in multiple aspects that arn't humor. I'm going to leave it at that for now. Edited out names (I think I got them all)

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