Friday, January 18, 2008


So today I went to meet Brad and Danny to see Cloverfield. Well it turned out Mike was comming too, well as I was waiting to meet my friends outside the theater I found my good friend DC, and we talked for a while until the others arrived. Well we were in the theater waiting for the 20 to start (it was practically ful before then) when we should find none other than my other good friends Scott, Anthony, and Andy. Long story short good time, and I think a whole large group of us should do that more often (but on purpose) it doesn't get much better than movies and friends.

Anyway onto Cloverfield. Let me just say that the movie has just the right level of suspense. The movie is pretty believable as well, the whole thing is shot from one characters camcorder, so while the camera is shaky at times it works, and the movie never breaks out of the whole camcorder aspect, so you never get to find out why what happens, happens. Long story short GO SEE THIS!

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