Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Check this out...

^I stumbled upon this while on IMDB, pretty cool blog.^

Also in theaters this week...
Witless Protection
Or better yet Witless Audiance. Really why do people find Larry the Cable Guy funny, because he's not. I'm going to gladdy miss out on this and go see "Be Kind Rewind" or "Charlie Bartlett"

Also, I want it to ice (thursday night) just enough so that we don't have school, but so that it's gone in time for me and the gang to hit up Be Kind Rewind.

On another side note, DK News And Reviews has been doing exceptionally well this past 2 weeks, we've been above 40 views per day for the past 2 weeks straight. Not to mention, on Monday we hit 73 views, Tuesday we hit 70, and as of right now we hit 91 views. So this is the best we've done since August! Thanks to everyone who's been checking up.

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