Friday, February 15, 2008

Next Friday...

What's next friday you ask? The New York Trip? No that's the Friday AFTER next silly. Next friday is when 2 pretty cool movies come out which you can hear about below.

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind, as you may be able to tell from the trailer, seems to be basically about Jack Black, and Mos Def making their own versions of popular movies after the tapes got erased. Why is this appealing, because I say it is. But more importantly I think it relates to the independent film makers, and it kind of takes me back to the days when I was making Noah and Da Big Boat, and Science Fiction the Movie (where have my scripted films gone!(new ones that is) well you'll find out in a future post). Anyway this movie looks splendiferous and I cannot wait to view it. Which I plan on doing next friday with a few of my good friends.

On a side note, I read in my Screenwriting book that most producers won't pick up movies about making movies, so there's something special about this one right off the bat.

Charlie Bartlett

Again, this just seems like one of those movies you need to see. A kid gets kicked out of private school and ends up being a phychiatrist for the other students. While it's not very realistic, I think most of us can relate, because at my school it seems evident guidance isn't doing their part to help very well. Why just today a friend of mine told me he missed out on being initially accepted into about 3 colleges because Guidance didn't get him the completed forms he needed them to fill out until the day before the colleges needed them and of course they had to be mailed in. [insert sarcasm here:] So way to do your jobs! (glad I could vent that). Anyway, this movie just looks sweet.

I guess that's it for next fridays movies but before I go...

Step Up 2 The Streets

No... just no. Please keep this crap out of theaters (of course they don't listen to me and Frederick will show this but not Across the Universe (just the thought makes me sick a little)). Long story short, picture the time people wasted seeing "Meet The Spartans" and picture them wasting it on something worth even less film wise. So please, this movie opens tonight and I beg of you DON'T GO SEE IT! If we're lucky maybe this won't happen in the future.

Well there's my opinions for the day. Thanks for Reading, I'll report more later.


Emily said...

I canNOT express how excited I am for Charlie Bartlett. I have been tracking it ever since it was supposed to come out two years ago.

and haterz don't b hatin' just b-cuz u ain't got da movez 2 keep up with Step Up 2.

Kevin Cole said...

I'm just a hata of bad movies. Is that such a crime.