Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Suitcase?

To all you Paul is Dead followers, IAMAPHONEY on youtube, has put up his latest video in over a month. you can see it below

What's it about, I'm not too sure, but popular belief is that the answer to a lot of questions are in that vary suitcase. Now this could be saying there a suitcase with the secrets hidden somewhere, or that suitcase he put out in that feild for one of the viewer to find. who knows. Lets just hope it gets in the right hands.
The suitcase is believed to be that of Mal Evans, a former Beatles Road Manager. He was shot by police and killed in the 70s, anyway, we was writing a book on the beatles at the time, he was just about finished and had the book in the suitcase, and what is believed to be numerous Beatle secrets. He had lots of pricless Beatles memorobilia, that were later bought in auctions and such. Fact of the matter is it was believed that the suitcase was bought at a flea market for $35 in 2004, but everything inside were said to be fake. What could be happening now is that IAMAPHONEY has gotten the real deal. If in fact he has we could know what the deal is within soon.
Paul McCartney is supposed to say something at the Grammys tonight, keep an eye on him.

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