Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"In all my years of radio I've never seen anything like this"

This film has gotten mixed reviews, and I'm here to say it's hilarious. Set in the 70s Will Ferrel plays the coach/owner/promoter of struggling "Tropics" basketball team. The movie is filled with plenty of physical, and character based humor that had me laughing the whole way through. While it may not have the best story, and Will Ferrel is playing a role similar to what we've seen in a lot of his recent movies, this one is filled with laughs, and definatly worth seeing. And to agree with most of the reviews I've read it is better than Blades of Glory. Of course the movie does have it's fair share of "crude" language, and content, and yes a lot of the humor comes from that. But even if that doesn't make you laugh, there's enough non-crude(?) humor to at least make it an enjoyable trip to the movies. So go check out Semi-Pro in theaters now.

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