Friday, March 7, 2008

What's the most you ever lost on a coin toss?

I saw No Country For Old Men tonight and it was quite good. I enjoyed the irony of the senior citizens attending a film entitled "No Country For Old Men" I also got a kick out of their gasps and such whenever something bad happend. Anyway, Dad pretty much hated it, because he found it to be too long, and boring. I however enjoyed it. I thought it was well acted out and although slow at times seemed more realistic suspensful. I really liked the way Javier Bardem played Anton Chigur(?) the movie points out that he's a total badass, and their right. But not in the new age meaning, but like the clam, phychotic, pretty much invincible term. The movie's not a "Shoot-em-up" but more a well played out story. While there are plenty of moments of silence, I think it paints the picture for the world these characters lived in well. So good job Coen Brothers. If your not sure about No Country For old Men, I'd give it a rent, seeing as it'll be out on Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

I didn't hate the movie. As you say, I found it long and boring. It had its moments, but I just don't see how it gets voted best picture of the year. I would've voted for any of Juno, Michael Clayton, or even Atonement (which I also thought was long plus it had the added bonus of also being depressing) over NCFOM.

patrick said...

just saw no country for old men; it's unassumingly unconventional and yet (thankfully) never over the top. a bit morally dumbfounding, but that can be a good thing... all in all the Coen brothers deserve their Oscars, well done indeed.