Saturday, November 1, 2008

The amount of intelligence in this world is slipping

1) Last night, a kid in a warewolf mask refused to say "Trick or Treat" because "That's old stuff!" SERIOUSLY!?! You can't say 3 frickin' words! I wanted to slap the little bugger with my pool cue at that very moment.

2) I saw this "Bumper Sticker" on facebook...
SERIOUSLY!?!  At this point I'm in no way opposed to saying that Whitney Wallace and 35 others are either racists or complete dumbasses.  He said he'd stand with the Muslims NOT THE TERRORISTS!  Muslims aren't terrorists, and if you think so you're an idiot, plain and simple.  I'm sorry about the language, but get out of your narrow mindset for one minute and you'll find that there's nothing wrong with "Muslims"  the reason he has to stand with the Muslims is because of morons like Whitney Wallace.

This one speaks for itself.  But really, they should have stopped at Saw V but it would have been better to leave it at III.

I have 3 more days of political action in which it matters, and I'm going to use it.  Expect one awesome video once the results are out.  That's all I can say, I can't really go to one sided within Totally Illogical Films, seeing as a fourth of our team is very heavily conservative.  But regardless the election results we've got something coming with 2 endings for each situation.

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