Friday, July 10, 2009

What am I doing up at 2AM?

Well I just got home from the Midnight Opening of Bruno. First of all Midnight openings are pretty rad, it wasn't like a crazy fan fest, but it's a really fun summer activity when you have nothing to do in the morning (truth be told I'd probably do it if I did).

Bruno, really exposes some dark parts of America, I don't mean like dark, S&M like violent stuff, but a more ignorant and frightening aspects of society. I'd go into it all, but that's what ruined Borat for me, so I promise you all that I'm not going to around talking in a bruno voice rambling off random quotes, besides I think Bruno as a character was much smarter that Borat and would be harder for crazy High School Seniors and College kids to riff off of, but I trust they'll prove me wrong.

I though Bruno had a better story than Borat. In Borat it was like "I'm making a documentary about America for Kazakstan" Which allowed him to essentially do whatever he wanted/needed, following a sort of story. Bruno on the other hand had a stronger backstory and motivation behind his actions.

Those are my thoughts on the movie at 2:20AM, I SAW IT BEFORE EVERYONE!!!, well not really, I think Europe got it first. But still I saw it before many others. It's a very fun film, go in with a very open mind, and be willing to accept what is displayed in front of you.

And with that, Guten Nacht.

--Bonus note at 2:25--
Brad and I may be wrapping Hall Monitor production today (Jul 10th) or tomorrow. Funsies!

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