Friday, November 13, 2009

Full Sail Update #3 -or- a shorter note for a lazy day.

Well the BS group work is done, which is nice. I have an essay due Thursday for English Comp analyzing No Country For Old Men, and then I have Final in BS on Wednesday. That's about it for school, my BS Lecture on monday is being given by Oprah's boyfriend. I wonder if it's appropriate to ask "dating Oprah" questions (when she get's mad is it like "STEEEAADMAN! YOU NEEED TO DOO THE DIIIIIIIIIISSSSHHHEESSSSS!!!!)

Today was exceptional, sometimes you just need to slow down and take a day for yourself. What did I do? I got up at noon, didn't shower, didn't change out of my pajamas, practically did nothing. I played some Wii watched both No Country and John Waters' Desperate Living with commentary. Nothing significant happened but it was a good day to do absolutely nothing.

Yesterday I ordered George Carlin's Last Words, a memoir him and a friend had been working on since the 90s which was published this week. It can be checked out here.

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