Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lost sleep and The Muppet Man

Last night I read through Christopher Weekes' unproduced screenplay The Muppet Man. Needless to say it was a teary-eyed muppet induced night at the apartment as I spent the night reliving my fetal days.

I always figured I'd mainly direct my own screenplays, but after reading this I realized this was probably the only thing that jumped out as something I really want to do. Which will probably never due to numerous factors. One being that I'm not even in the industry and this is a big project, the other is that the Henson company picked up the rights to the script but Disney owns the Muppets, and being the occasional whores they are, Disney won't let the script fly with "their" property.

Jim's daughter suggested removing the biopic aspect and doing a strait muppet musical out of it, which would ruin the impact and frankly the movie, SINCE IT'S A DAMN BIOPIC!

It'd be like doing a biopic on the prophet Muhammad but not showing him because that would be a major violation of muslim beliefs... And to be unfortunately honest with you... that may happen

Anyway I spent most of last night thinking about the movie and how much I wanted to do... A kid can dream right?

Well the holidays are upon us... make it a good one kids.

I sent my mom a wishlist, half of the items on it were John Waters related, according to my dad her response was something like "I'm not going to fund his filth!"

Have a good one!

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