Sunday, March 21, 2010

A thought...

I should become a campaign manager for politicians with weird/funny names. Consider the following:

Elect John Boehner: Big Boehners, Not Big Government
Now I've heard it's probably pronounced Bayner, which makes sense since I don't see a "Congressman Boner" escaping my keen radar for so long. But so what, sure it may be pronounced Bayner, but it's still just a fancy way of spelling Boner. And if the one didn't use a voice over or only saw said slogan on a pin or t-shirt, it would work just as well.

So why settle for something like this potential politicians? Well lets be honest, not many people pay attention to congressional elections. So when people randomly decide who to vote for, are they going to elect the guy named John Bayner who ran on a campaign of anti-liberal, small government, truck drivin, home townness? Or John Boehner, who ran under the same principles but had an edgy and clever campaign. Especially with young voters, who will they remember? Bayner or Boner?

So politicians, regardless of political agenda, if you have a funny name and are looking for a campaign manager leave me a contact me, and soon you'll be sitting in the political seat of your dreams.

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