Friday, April 13, 2007


Figures, that after months of anticpation reality would screw me over like this and completely Fup the movie times so I can't see it (Aqua Teen) because I have to be somewhere at 6:30 in the damn morning. I'm pissed as hell, because my dad's being a jerk and preventing me from doing anything! Ryan, Rusty and I are skipping Youth Group on sunday to see the movie, no matter what dad says, In fact, screw youth group this week, I go every week and when ever I want to miss one meeting I can't, I'm not saying screw god or screw church, I'm just see no reason to go if it's not even a lesson night. Most kids only show up for the fun nights anyway, so Why can't I miss a "fun" night to do something I'd much rather be doing if I've been to all the serious meetings. In conclusion I'm not as pissed as I was right before, it seems expressing my anger to something other than my self or trying to with dad but still secretly hating him while I try to explain my anger has really cooled me down, Thanks for reading this now that I've vented 90% of my rage.

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