Sunday, April 22, 2007

LOTS of new news from myside

Well I apparently took a picture of myself on friday, but it was withheld on my own premiss, little did I know that had I unleashed it to the public it might not have pulled as much attention as it did so here it is...

Yup that's me, Any way also a while ago I promissed a picture inspired by "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics" well it seems like it could be quite some time before I actually add a background or the games logo, so here's what I've done sense I start the picture...

So what do you all think, the flameing tornado is the olympic torch in case you couldn't figure that out.

Movie news:

-By this point Pirates 3 by myself is most deffinatly cancelled but who's to say there won't be a forth pirates depending on how the third ends (hint hint).

-Concerning the unnamed short fil from Alex, Ryan, and I. We still haven't been able to add sound to it because I'v been so busy with the musical, but hopefully we'll find some time soon.

-Last week Laz inspired a full length movie idea, based around the idea of middle schoolers smuggling candy into school and selling it for twice the price, under risk of expulsion. It will probably be a dark comedy combining that with some of the aspects of my middle school years. Nothing has begun involving the project but I would really like to do it, and I've taken some good pics of New Market Middle to help jog my ideas.

Well that's about it for today but I plan to go see the Aqua Teen movie on Friday in between the early dissmissal and the 5:00 call for H2$, so if time allows and people are interested let me know.

Also I got Super Paper Mario for the Wii 2 weeks ago when I find time to beat it I may put up a review or make a video review, we'll see.


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