Friday, April 27, 2007

H2$-One down 3 to go

Well the first night of H2$ went exceptionally well, and I knew it was going to go swell before we even got to LHS that night. How you ask? Well if you know me chances are you know I have somewhat of an obession with VW Buses, and plan to get one. Any way on the ride to LHS we approach a dark car in the oncomming lane. As I got a better look at it as it approached I noticed something odd "Does that car not have a front, Could it be!?!" I thought to myself. Sure enough as it approached I noticed the VW logo on the front. A Black/Dark Blue VW Bus passed out car on the way to openning night. Being the first time I had seen one in person I was clearly suddenly even more excited for the night to come. I tell ya, if there's a better Omen than a VW Bus passing by you on the way to one of your shows I have yet to see it.

Just wanted to share. So come and see another fantastic performance of "How To Suceed in Business W/out Really Trying" tonight and tomorow at 7:30 or Sunday afternoon at 2:00.

Also I still need to see ATHF:Movie Film For Theaters, so maybe tomorow if Ryan and Rusty arn't busy, anyone else is welcome to join, but I make no promisses about tomorow.

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