Friday, May 11, 2007


Not mine, but a load of my catholic friends were confirmed today. So congrats to all of you (Danny, Nick, Alex, Joey, Melissa, Maryann, Olivia, and countless others I don't know/remember) but when I Danny told me that a lot of people couldn't bring their whole families because their Church is so small, I volenteered to video tape it. So I did, I couldn't get it all because after the Bishops opening sermon I only had 30 mins of tape left. So I recorded what I could, being cautions not to go past the time left on the tape. But my dad will hopefully make copies on DVD for people so they can show it to family members who couldn't be there. I really didn't do much praying (outloud) though sense I'm not Catholic and didn't feel like making a fool of myself. I said the lords prayer, but they stopped like half way through to say something else, but I kept going for two words, and then realized, so in my head I'm going "HIT THE BRAKES!" which I did.

Well that's my story WOO!

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Danny said...

Hey man thanks again for comming out and for tapeing it