Thursday, May 10, 2007


Well this is kind of just me bragging, but yesterday I got this awsome shirt...What am I a girl, bragging over a shirt geeze. Any way it's the cover of the Beatles Let it Be album but done with Miis from the Wii, so it's pretty much awsome, I think you can order it from, Dad ordered it for me sense I have no credible cards, so thanks Dad.

Also, I finally got an MP3 player, it's not an iPod, but for $60 2GB with video capabilities that's all I need. It's made by inVion, I think they primarily make GPS units. but here's what it looks like...

If anyones looking for a good cheap MP3 player it's only $60 for a mothers day sale a JC Pennies, so sense all of us are someones mother, that would be the place to pick it up if you really want to.

I haven't been able to edit any of my film from west river yet so keep your pants on, it's a lengthy process just to get it to the computer so parden my mess while you wait.


Kevin's Dad said...

We're all someone's mother??? You sure about that Kev?

BTW - What, no mention of the fact that the guy who got you the shirt is the same guy who's described as a jerk several posts back?

Loveya son,

Em said...

cool shirt, I can't wait to see the west river stuff.