Friday, August 31, 2007

Wiggedy what!?!

Well today's been swell, I forgot to ask what subject I was doing my research project on, so I had to E-mail Laz Just a second ago, in English I had to finish and essay but I E-mailed it to myself so I could do it here (and it worked) so I ended up writing the Dirctors Cut of the paper, and sent it here along with a resume that I would have fixed in class had she had the revisions ready, the only problem is that my when I E-mailed the Resume and Directors Cut here, the E-mail didn't go through, so I have to rewrite the whole resume, and I'm not sure if out version of word has the resume outline... Damn! Also I would have posted some of the Directors Cut here, but I'll have to do that later. During German I had a Spliting headache, but now everythings fine and I'm going camping in the woods with Rusty, Bobby, Floriough (I speake no franchesko) Mellissa and some other girls. WOO!

Let's Just hope I'm not Canteen Boy, and Rusty's not a creepy Alec Baldwin...
Adam Sandler and Alec Baldwin in Canteen Boy

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Sorry I couldn't find the entire sketch but it's true...

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