Monday, September 3, 2007

Mount Airy Fire, and stuff

Well by now I'm sure many of you have hear of the fire that devastated Downtown Mt. Airy yesterday. So sense a picture says a thousand words I'm just going to post the link to my album of pics from that day. So CLICK HERE
In other news I just realzed I have more homework than I thought, that most certainly is a pain in my buttocks. Danny and I need to get around to both reviewing Metroid Prime 3 and seeing Superbad, and the fact that we've taken so long to do both is incredibly annoying. To back it up I feel horibly guilty for not getting around to making a Metroid Prime 3 banner for the site, although as some of you know my computer that the scanner works on crashed so getting it on the site would be difficult anyway. ARGG!!! I can't wait for next weekend so we can finally (hopefully) see Superbad and review metroid. Oh and Nintendo has a confrence planned for Wednesday so they better say whethe or not Smash Bros has online. Also I've been thinking about getting some more people together and doing a podcast for the site. YAY!

Just two of my colege friends who I am missing...

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