Monday, December 31, 2007

Cell-Esque Dream (Part 2) (Is it still Cell-Esque? I'm not to sure)

This is my write up on my latest dream...
While this dream happened almost a month after the first dream, I believe it happened to give more insight as to how the world either plunged into chaos, or the continuing after effects. Either the world had developed itself somewhat into a more organized society or it was slowly falling apart (due to numerous events in this dream I believe that this is a prequel to my previous dream.) Here’s what I remember…

There is a group of us traveling on a school bus, the driver is an adult someone I know, but not a bus driver, the person I can’t remember. I of course am involved as is Danny, and numerous others (again friends but I’m not sure who). I distinctly remember us pulling into the Twin Ridge Elementary School Parking lot to take a quick break, when suddenly school lets out and a large group of children exit the building, they come to our bus (and there own). Not actually being a bus that would take them home, we don’t let them in, but a few of them bang on the door to get in, like they’re in a hurry, either to get home, or to get away (I seem to remember them being frightened). At one point I remember opening the roof exit on the bus to get a better view of the area around us. I notice a semi crowded soccer field (the one the TRES, with the sledding hill) and I noticed ______ (one of the kids who was in Christmas Carol with me) playing in the field, so I get out of the bus (somehow evading the children outside the bus). I make my towards the field to get him (almost like he was on the bus with us from the beginning and wasn’t allowed off). On my way to get him I notice the two guys possibly in their 20s get out of their car (they don’t seem familiar to me at all to begin with, however if I saw someone like them in real life I could point them out.) I remember asking them something like what they were doing there but they didn’t seem to want much to do with me. So I hung back a little bit and watched them, they begin to observe the ground, and eventually reach down a grab a piece, and lift it up, revealing the ground was coated in a false layer of ground (kind of like a grass carpet of sort). At this point I can recall taking to them and finding out that it was part of some kind of conspiracy and that the whole field was like that. I soon went to the rest of our group, which were waiting on the other side of the field where I had seen ______ earlier, they were chilling by a tree and a large upward slant on the field (like the sledding hill) and I specifically remember ______ being in our group at this point. The two guys from before aren’t far behind me, but that’s not important at this point. I remember showing our group the fake ground and pointing out how it was that way on all the surrounding front yards. I explained to them what the two guys had said to me and then we all discussed it (however I don’t remember the discussion) I know that during one point I leave our group and talk to one of the guys from earlier, we exchange cell numbers and state that if we find anything out we’ll call the other and tell them our new information.

Now, here’s why I believe this happens before the previous dream, first of all the world around is all intact, there houses and building are as they are now (minus the fake ground). Where as the previous dream had us in a place like downtown Frederick, except the buildings were more destroyed and there was a definite sense of chaos out side our hiding place, while the world in this dream is more calm. Also The idea of a Government conspiracy, either in a world of chaos we established a school system, and a wide spread system of government (which I just don’t see happening).

Some important questions to ask myself:
Why was a bad thing that ______ was out, but we could leave to go get him? I guess we just didn’t want him to go unwatched or something.
Why did some of the kids seem frightened when they were leaving school? Why would the government completely switch the top-layer of grass out for a fake layer?
And how long had it been since our group was in the Twin Ridge Area? Who were those two guys?
Just fellow truth seekers or something else?
What did we know that the others didn’t that had our group out on our own before the world plunged into chaos?

Also this dream is causing the series to further differentiate itself from Cell, Perhaps a name change is in order…

I edited the names a little bit, and took out one completely since the kid is young and I figure it's in best intrest to not disclose names on the internet. I did leave Danny since we're already in cahoots on the interweb. Full names are in my writen transcript on my computer though.

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