Monday, January 14, 2008

It's like some wretched curse...

Of course, when I finally get the cables to upload video from my camcorder to my computer it works. And I make quite the spiffy video for the UMYF Bonfire, and I put it on my USB card and bring it down stairs (to the only computer with internet) to upload the thing. When of course I can't get it on Youtube because I can't get passed the "Connecting..." part of the Upload process. This happend when I tried to Upload the Super Mario Galaxy Review for the site, and it never stopped, I had to get Danny to upload the video. Well now it's doing it again, and since it worked for Danny, before I'm going to say the problem isn't Youtube, but this Crappy computer we have downstairs. I've tried uploading it on all the Web browsers we have, MSN, Internet Explorer, and Juno, and of course none of them works. Long sotry short, my family either needs to get Mr. Perper over to fix the internet so it connects to my iMac, or we need a new computer down here.

-end of line-

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