Friday, January 25, 2008

AAHHGG!!!-Charlie Brown Auditions next week.

I wanted a video of just Charlie Brown Screaming for about a minute strait, but none such video is on Youtube.

Anywho, auditions for "Your a good man Charlie Brown" are this Monday and Tuesday. I can wing it on Tuesday (seeing as that's the dancing audition and you have to wing it with whatever dance gets thrown at you). The thing is Monday is the Monologue and singing audition. I can't figure out what song to sing for the life of me, and while I usually find my own monologue, Laz has made copies we can use, that are actually from the show (so that helps with me not having to worry about a monologue). However, I can't pick a song!!! So I've been mentally stressing about this since yesterday, and that's why I wanted the Charlie Brown Screaming clip because that explains what's been going through my mind.



yohoster said...

looking forward to seeing you in Charlie about My Humps????

Kevin Cole said...

well, I'm to solid on the lyrics to my humps, had I thought of that a few days ago I deffinatly would have practiced.
PS I'm comming back to TCBS tomorrow!