Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mixed Emotions

First of all, I was informed by TV Guide which published that there would be a new Scrubs spoofing Montey Python tonight (it wasn't a joke they had production pics, and such). Well guess what, NBC decided to pull a fast one on me and instead air a 2 hour celebrity apprentence (AKA Crap hour times 2). In all honesty I'm absolutly pissed about this, it completely brought my day down. But hey the Trump may be an Attention Whore, but he shall have none of mine. So I apologize to those I told the edisode was tonight. END THIS WRITERS STRIKE FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!

In other news, Rock Band has finally been confirmed for the Wii, which brough my mood back up.

However, the "You're a good man Charlie Brown" cast list goes up tomorrow, so I'm pretty phyched/worried about that. Also tomorrow night the Beatles Cover band 1964 is playing at the weinburg, anyone up for some good music?

Speaking of The Beatles, I know a lot of people don't like Ringo's music, but please pick up Liverpool 8, it's got so many good songs. (oh wow, this is a first for the week, I haven't listend to Parliament Funkadelic all day).

Oh also, at the time I'm skeptic about my success in Pre-Cal, it just doesn't seem to exist all that much, (Thanks a lot Ms. Thamert (My Algebra 2 teacher who taught us nothing but Algebra one for the whole semester except the last month)) although I'm sure once we get passed reviewing that I'm sure things'll look up.

In other Scrubs related news, Last night I found out that Ted's A Cappella band on the show is a real band called "The Blanks" Their page can be found here.
Infact have a video of them...

Well I think that's it for today.

Goodnight, and goodluck.

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