Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New York New Yoork!

Is where I'll be all day friday. If I might add, it's a pretty big relief, I need to get away for a little while, and although dads coming, New York with some of my favorite people will be a very welcome break. Why? because my life's to crazy right now. The real problem lies in Pre-Calc, and it's quite the problem since Dad's well trained in the field of Calculus, so it's like now that I'm not doing well, it's like homework procedures and study madness. I can remember lines and historical facts and all that jazz, but when it comes to these dumb equations, I just can't seem to grasp it. I mean, if i is imaginary, how do I know it really just means -1, if it's truely an imaginary number it should mean whatever I want it to. But that's besides the point, I'm just going nuts, and it's the things that seem least important (in the long run) are the most important to me, Work, Plays (although I do plan to make acting my career), etc. And I'm just going to come out and say it, like work, and I have fun there, sure it's serious a lot, but I work with some really great people. And I don't want to lose all of that over a stupid math class. The problem with the class is that my teacher goes over things to quickly with minor explanation, enough that I can get the concept, but still be left completely lost with some aspects, give me a week and I can get it, give me a test and I somehow forget it. And the real dilema is that though my teacher has his flaws, I like him (not like that you pervs), he's a pretty funny guy.

Anyway onto the innitial topic of this post, New York trip is friday. We leave at 6, and arrive later in the day, when we'll get a tour of Mary Mount Manhattan, Then we'll be hang out and eating in Central Park, and then onto a musical theatre class with the cast of Curtains. Then some other stuff, and at night we will see Curtains, and then get a talk back with the actors. Yay.

So yeah, that's about it.

Oh and now that Awards season is over, below is a list of movies I want to see, I won't go in depth but I'll provide a video, and the name, and a brief description of why I want to see it, so here we go...
There Will Be Blood

Now I've wanted to see this for a while now, Paul Dano's in it, and I loved him in Little Miss Sunshine. Not to mention, there's something cool about Daniel Day Lewis's character. Not to mention its been getting good reviews. But one of the main aspects of the movie that have gotten my attention can be seen below... (warning minor spoilers)

I seem to reference this scene everyday, and unfortunatly no one seems to get it because they haven't seen this.

Ok on to the next movie...
No Country for Old Men

Now I wasn't to interested in this at first, but it's large amount of nominations and best picture win,has really peaked my interest. It just looks interesting, unfortunatly it's not in theaters anymore, so I'll have to wait for the DVD.


I passed this up in theaters, but I had seen a live performance of 2 songs from the film on both the independent spirit awards, and the academy awards, and I've basically fallen in love with the music. Besides apparently my good buddy Dean saw it an loved it, so I plan to pick this up some time soon.

I'm Not There

I just love Bob Dylan, and I really love the concept in this film. Not to mention I really want to see Cate Blanchett's portrayal of Dylan.

And Finally...
Talk to me

First of all Martin Sheen kind of reminds me of Mark (my boss) I think it's the voice. Anyway I like this concept, and boy do I dig the fro's. Of course, my interest in this movie has quite possibly evolved from my love of Parliament Funkadelic.
Well that's it for tonight, I'll see you all later.

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