Saturday, March 1, 2008

24 hours ago...

I was in New York, and it was awesome.

When we got their we went to Mary Mont Manhattan, and it was a pretty cool college, so I'm definitely considering it. Then we went to Central Park and ate for about 7 minutes and then had to walk all the way into the city to make our Dance class. When we got the the Dance studio, we're were taught a dance from curtains by two of the cast members, which was a lot of fun, then dinner at Hard Rock, and then Curtains, which was an excellent show, I may take the majority of Dads pictures from the day and put together a slideshow video from the trip.

In other news, I'm home, and after sleeping until about 1:30, and then working until about an hour ago... I'm not tired at all. But that's ok because Ellen Page (Juno) is hosting SNL tonight. As for movies, I'm scheduled to see Semi-Pro on Tuesday night since school opens late the next day. BUT "No Country For Old Men" is in theaters because it won best picture, and I really REALLY want to go see it some time, so anyone who's up for it please give me a call or some thing. It comes out on DVD march 11, but I'm pretty sure I'll be to involved with Smash Bros Brawl at that point, so lets all go to the movies!

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