Sunday, June 15, 2008

mah dayz be crazyz

Yesterday I work the day shift, which I particularly dislike, I'd rather work night but I had things to do.

My night began at Carolynn's Grad party, it was a grad party, not much to say. Nick Palmasonianio and I played Badminton in the rain. Then I went to Tori's voice recital, where she did an excellent job (also in excellent jobs, Jacob and Luke). After all was said and done, I left the church building to wait for my parents, I walked down W Church ST and found non-other than a piece of Key Lime Pie, performing on a street corner with a mini-piano, and a snare drum. Knowing colin from AA, I decided to stay there to wait for my parents.

After my parents arrived I had to rush to make the 9:45 showing of The Happening with Travis, Brad, David, and Chip. I got there at like 9:50. First the ticket guy looked at my ID and told me I wasn't 17 yet, and I'm like, um... no. After that was settled I went to the theater to find he had given me the ticket to the 10:15, I explained my situation to the ticket taker, and all got taken care of again. So I went to theater 12 for the 9:45, (still showing previews) and I met up with Travis and the others sitting 5 feet away from the big screen. So I went to sleep with a massive head-ache.

The Happening
While it may not have the best reviews it's deffinatly a climb uphill from M. Night's "Lady in the Water" This movie is deffinatly twisted (minus crazy plot twists, so it's the disturbing twisted). It's not "Saw/Hostel movie" twisted, it's twisted in it's own right. The acting is bad at times, but man the movie's just weird. I'd have to recomend it because of how out there it is. Check it out, at least watch the redband trailer below because it will give you a better idea of what the movie's about...

I'm listening to Bob Dylan today, and it's fathers day, I MIGHT watch "Talk To Me" tonight because I still need to see it, but I have a VERY strong urge to watch Garden State again, so we'll see come tomorrow.

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