Monday, June 16, 2008


So yesterday, was just to busy for my tastes...

-Brunch at olive leaf, seeing mom's parents, seeing Company at the MET (which was REALLY good), eating at a steak house, seeing Dad's parents, watching the Tonys.

So yeah, a lot happened over the course of one day, and I'm no fan of that!

So after the Tonys I decided to watch the original Producers, instead of my other plans, as I hadn't seen the original yet. Basically take the new one, subtract most of the songs (except Springtime for Hitler, and Prisoners of Love) and add a afew more scenes. It's a good movie, and in my opinion funnier than the remake. So check it out if you can. It's hard to believe they dropped the character LSD for the musical, but you'd have to see the original to understand.

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