Sunday, June 29, 2008

A trip to the store...

Yup, well not really the store as much as Bluckbuster (we need netflix!)  But they were having a deal in the 3 for $20 pre-owned DVDs so I picked up 3 comedys...
  • The Brothers Solomon
  • Superbad (which I've seen but needed to own)
  • Walk Hard
I also rented The Last Kiss staring my idol Zach Braff.  I've needed to see it, and I'm really in the mood to watch it tonight, so I think I will.  I keep listening to the Garden State Soundtrack, it's pretty calm, good music, stuff like that.  

So yeah, I'm gone after this week, so people should hang out, before I'm gone until July 23rd.  

Also, for those who haven't noticed... new banner I threw together with Picnik.  

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