Thursday, July 3, 2008


So there I was, taking Little Sasha down to Prospect park, as I do every morning to collect my thoughts and find some peace.  While going down the street, at incredible speeds (I'd be surprised if it was anything more than 4 MPH, but that's gravity on a disproportionate bike.  Anyway, I'm at the part where the sidewalk turns into the park parking lot, and of course there's a drop off where it lowers, well for the first time I underestimated the turn, and missed the drop off my maybe a foot.  I tried to stick the landing but my effort were fruitless.  Luckily, my knees arn't far from the ground they took, the first hit, as I realized I was able to help institute myself into a roll, my right elbow was next in the attack, and then my right shoulder, and finally my the palm of my left hand and my left fingers (I at least think they were last as the sustained the least damage).  The damages were all just scratches, just like painful rug burns on my body.  So I proceeded home and then said, well what the heck, and I went to the park and sat on the bench.  I think my mind was clear of all the things that occupied it, but only because I was think "ow ow ow this stings so much".  I eventually utilized the park water fountain to ease the pain and head home.  Once I got home I wrapped myself in band-aid, wrote this, and now I'm going to look at cars.  Little Sasha only lost a handle bar reflector, she's a tough one.

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