Thursday, August 21, 2008


I was interviewed by the local newspaper asking about how many golds Phelps would win, I said he had the potential and the swimmers bod to win 9 medals this year. The ninth being the secret gold that could only be given by the leader of china or the president of the united states. 

Afterwards the woman who interviewed me asked if that was true, and I said nope. She said I fooled her, and then they neglected to put it in their paper. 

The point is, I fooled the press, and clearly that would give me to much power if I fooled the world (but I could have done it).

So thanks FNP, thanks a lot (insert sarcasm).  I WON THAT WAR,  I FOOLED YOUR REPORTER, I DEMAND RECOGNITION!

On that super late note, goodnight.

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