Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh The Irony...

a man witnesses all these horrible accidents throughout his life, friends and acquaintances dropping like flies, killed in all these horrible ways. when he finally dies of old age he finds himself in the award ceremony, and he's told about the powers he had, and and he wins the award. everyone in the audience is bandaged. XERIC GRANT PLZ

Not much irony in my day today, earlier Mom was complaining about how much time I spent in my room, and I'm like well there's not much to do outside my room without leaving the house.  So she suggests I could clean my room, which doesn't get me out of my room at all :/

Anyhow, I picked up a plain white T-shirt to make a pineapple express shirt because the website has iron-ons, but I think I'm gonna get a plain colored t-shirt instead in a few days.  

I got out of work early because it was slow and there wasn't much to do.  I've realized that there's 7 more eps in season 1 of Arrested Development, and the library refuses to allow the existence of the 3rd disc.  In case you didn't know I've been watching Arrested Development the past week, I have to say it's a brilliant comedy, it's so smart, and constantly hillarious, it's easily made it's way up to my favorites.  and it features pre-Superbad Michael Cera.

I like having stand-up on my ipod, because when it's on shuffle the stand-up bits are like the musicians interjections before a song at a concert, it's kinda cool to have that transition.

I'm prolly gonna watch Tenacious D tonight, more later.

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