Sunday, August 31, 2008

On this last day of August...

There were plenty of good comedies this month (and 1 awful one I didn't see, but we all know about that) We had Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder and Hamlet 2. Great month.

I started looking back into a Moped today (whoops) The thing is you need a license OR an operators permit. And mopeds can go on streets, as long as they don't exceed 30 MPH, which makes them perfect for my neighborhood travels, the speed limit in Mount Airy doesn't really go over 30, so it'd be perfect for getting to work, or to Danny's house like today when I don't have ride. Just a thought. Saving on gas for getting around locally, it's really not a bad idea.

Anyway, we're meeting at Danny's playing Boardgames, brainstorming, watching movies, should be a fun night.

Sept. is much of a month for movies in theaters, Except for Burn After Reading on the 12th, which I'm definitely seeing. But it's a good month for DVDs, The Promotion on Tuesday, The Foot Fist way on the 23rd, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall on the 30th. Woo!!!

Well that's my update for today.

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