Monday, June 8, 2009

Back again.

I was going to write about Up, but I think the opportunity has passed. It's no longer as timely. But go see it if you haven't, PIXAR brought their A game again.

Anyway, it's late and I'm not sleepy. So what am I doing? Updating my Tomtom (thanks G-ma and P-pop), and doing work. Yeah, I get Lazy, so now I need to edit together footage for an NJROTC promo dvd before Tuesday (preferably Monday).

I'm also writing a little tonight, and doing a little bit of prep for a new short that we go into production on from [tentatively] Wednesday-Friday. But more on that when it happens.

I've been bouncing around ideas and numerous things, so we should have plenty of shorts, and hopefully at least one long project for you all before I run off to Full Sail in October. In fact, I noticed an Amazon advert contest and I already have an idea for it, at max I could win 2 $10,000 Amazon Gift certificates. Which would essentially have me set for any equipment needs, and whatever else is on my wishlist these days.

How's my life going non-business wise? Just great, I haven't worked (p-loft wise) much lately, but I'm not complaining, although hopefully I can up that some so I can get some more green. So life has been great and laid back.

I leave you with an exclusive video I recorded on my cell today of Hillary and I's pet hairless rat Stephen. He's adorable...

Also gonna note, not torture, look it up, Rats love swimming.

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