Sunday, June 14, 2009

The upcoming week:

Hey everyone!

So recently we wrapped on all the Linganore scenes for the Hall Monitor Trailer, I've been saving and updating a pretty well managed blog post for the Totally Illogical Films blog. I'll post the link to it here once I've posted the blog. We have 2 more scenes to wrap for the short, which I'm hoping we'll do this week.

All my friends get out of school tomorrow (Monday) (probably today once you read this, maybe even yesterday). So that's all fun and games.

WEDNESDAY!!! is a super exciting day, my parents got me tickets to see An Evening with Kevin Smith at Carnegie Hall. So Brad, Dad, Hillary, and I are heading up to NYC that day. More on that after it happens.

BTWs, I recently got John Water's Pink Flamingos, it's soo good, and total riot. I have to admit, it's awesome having a girlfriend who thinks something as crude and ridiculous as Pink Flamingos is funny and good.

More to come as it happens.

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Em said...

Dear Kevin,
I want to see the Hall Monitor trailer. STAT.
Anxiously yours,