Sunday, June 21, 2009

Late night blogan.

Kevin Smith was really good, shall I post pics? well not now, but give me a while.

I never seem to blog during the reasonable hours of the day, but I have no complaints. I'm a late nighter, and an even later waker. But I work more at night, much less distractions.

Anyway, I need to write some shorts, or even longer than shorts I want to do a bunch before I run off to Full Sail for 21 months.

This week is actually pretty busy, Work on Monday, Thursday, Saturday and maybe but hopefully not Wednesday. Filming and such on hopefully tuesday or wednesday, and then of course maybe late night editing.

Ok it doesn't sound busy, but I mentally crowd my schedule, I work the afternoons, but mentally it's like all day.

I'm on the verge of officially completing the NJROTC promo videos, and when I'm done I'll post them to my youtube page, as well as here.

Other than that I think I should actually go to bed, since I feel finished for the night. I only really blog when I'm not doing anything else. I made a comfortable amount of progress on the NJROTC vid today, and I don't have any shorts ready to be written.

Oh hopefully Mom and I will start the conversion process of Storage cottage to Totally Illogical Films Corporate HQ soonish.

Until my next post,
Goodnight, and Good Luck.

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