Monday, July 20, 2009

July 20th.

How disappointing is it that I titled this post with the date. That's got to be the worst title I've come up with in the entirety of this blog. Nothing truly significant happened today, it's not like September 11th. Hell, me titling the post "hey!" would be a better title. I'm glad we had this talk.

So Hillary's run off to Florida for the next two weeks (where I will join her on Sunday). But in the mean time I'm spending my days at home, brainstorming ideas since Hall Monitor's been finished for a while now. I know I blogged about Stephen (Hillary and I's pet hairless rat) in the past, well with her in Florida, he's enjoying his stay at my house. I've found he enjoys sleeping the day and only a little bit at night, but damn is he cute.
I put a tissue box in his cage, which he only chewed on at first but I think he figured it out today, although last night he managed to throw it across his cage.
Adorable. I'm spending my nights at Annie tech rehearsals, working backstage. And by spending I mean I'm just starting tonight, but it's gobbled up my weeknights.

Tomorrow I'm returning to MAD camp in the morning for their closing ceremonies to reunite with the good friends I only see once a year.

Well more on all that tomorrow, I must run to dinner.

BUT, before I forget, my good friend and Totally Illogical Films colleague, Kevin Madert has gotten himself a livejournal, so do check him out here:

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