Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funny People

Was really good, but not entirely funny. (Btw, I haven't listened to my review podcasts (AV Talk and Filmspotting for the movie yet).

The thing was in the beginning it was a lot of dick jokes that I don't think really worked (given a lot of these were during the stand up routines). Oddly enough for the most part I feel the stand up in Funny People wasn't that funny, while their actual interactions were. And people may disagree with me, but with a few exceptions I generally don't enjoy stand up as much (Some stand-up I can't stand at all, I'm lookin at you Dane Cook). But the first half gets a pass for not being super funny because it was more story driven, George Simmons (Sandler) gets diagnosed with cancer pretty early on and most of the characters are going through rough spots so the lack of funny works for me.

The funny begins to hit in the second half where things start looking up for the characters. I want to say that I liked Seth Rogan's character change in this movie, a lot of time he's all for the sex (don't get me wrong it works I LOVED Zack and Miri make a Porno) but in this one he was more modest and down to earth, and really wasn't looking for cheap sex. I think that's why his early stand-up in the movie didn't work as well, because as a character he was trying to be funny by what makes other people laugh, but when we learn about how he's more insecure about himself and he makes realizations his stand-up comedy changes in a way that really worked for him and me.

In the end I don't think Funny People has the best beginning but it finishes strong, and really is a good movie. So check it out when you get the chance (I suggest this weekend instead of seeing the new GI Joe). I have to add, I did get a kick out of seeing a 70-80 year old couple slowly walk out of the movie before the first half was over. I wondered how they had gotten in there in the first place, but I'm sure the youth of the future will wonder the same when I don't walk out of these movies and I'm 93.

Good job Mr. Apatow, I look forward to whatever's coming next (he's apparently teaming with Bo Burnham for a project so mark me intrigued).

In other news, I'm doing swell, I recently came back for a week in Florida with my lovely lady, and I'm apparently off to NY next week. I downloaded the new Modest Mouse album today (No One's First And You're Next) and I'm quite enjoying it.

I've got a few short ideas and an actual full lengther in my head, and in my brainstorming journal. so hopefully a few of those will see the light of day before I leave for college.

That's all for now (more later?)

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