Sunday, August 16, 2009


Why am I up so late? Truth be told, it's not that late judging by how late I'm always up, in fact I'm a half hour early for bed.

A week ago tomorrow I saw (500) Days of Summer. Overall it was pretty good. I feel like there were too many different styles and separate bits that didn't really help the film and we could have gone without. I have to say though, as everyone else already has, there's a scene where the do a split screen between Tom's expectations, and reality that works wonderfully. That said, I'm worried a bunch of other films will try this to some degree now.

I've only seen Split-Screen in movies twice (Requiem for a Dream, and the above film) Both times it worked great.

Speaking of movies... INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS IS OUT ON FRIDAY!!! I'm hoping to pick up the print copy of the screenplay this week too.

The past week I was in NY where I saw:

The 39 Steps:
Which was really good and a nice take on the movie and hitchcock in general.

Shrek the Musical:
Which was ok, the jokes were lifted from the movie, and didn't make me laugh that much, but some other sequences worked. None of the songs stuck with me, but the show was well acted and had great production value. The guy who played Donkey, did a really good job playing an animated character, I mean that in his spot on mimicry of Donkey (cartoon)'s mannerisms and such. The audience however... had issues... let's just say that when you figure out the beat of the first four measures of a song you've never heard before (or even if you have) you have no damn license to clap to the beat.

Also, people who leave when the curtain call begins!?! What the hell!?! You sat through a two and half hour show and you can't sit and clap for 2 minutes (I thought our audiance loved clapping).

The Toxic Avenger The Musical:
Which was so incredibly good. The show was hillarious, well written, acted, directed. The music rocked hard core. (I always have less to say about the shows I liked). But this one worked, was by far the best of the 3 shows. I was laughing non-stop. Wonderful!

I work 3 days this week which equals a nice sum of money since I have hardly been worked this summer, and the next week I work 4 days while all my pals go to high school.

A very Happy Birthday to Brennan Dolson, who is with out a doubt the funniest person I have ever and probably will ever meet.


Goodnight moon.

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