Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Full Sail Update #1

I probably should number this, if I get in a habit of updating it could be depressing once it's like Full Sail Update #158, who knows.

So I've taken my first to classes. On Monday I had Behavioral Science which is 4 hours long and psychology type class. It's pretty interesting, the first day I couldn't help but imagine the brain function doing their job in some David Lynch, Eraserhead world. We have some sort of project coming up but that'll be explained on Friday (my only friday class for the whole month by the way). I have to pick up a copy of Crash (not Cronenburg's controversial car-crash-sex-thriller that I still want to see, the 2004 oscar winner Crash) so I'm running to Best Buy in the Morning to pick that up.

The second class is English Comp. which is scheduled Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-9. But we get around 4 for an hour dinner break. Then at 5:15 we're back for a lab, which if in the future is like it was today, then we do some degree of written work, and then we can leave when we're done so I was home a around 7 today.

Yes, I'm making friends. Totally having a good time. One of the highlight of my day was barely talking to Jason Reitman, Director of Thank you for Smoking, Juno and the upcoming Up In The Air, also son of Ivan Reitman. Our conversation went a little something like this (read upwards)...

For the record my first @jason is in response to him commenting on driving past a bikini carwash called baywash, and I went out on a limb and threw that out, then I read he was in orlando in his previous tweets and the rest is history.

Anyway, I got home to find that I was so excited, the fact he actually replied kinda overdid the fact that I could've but missed seeing him in person. But super cool in my opinion.

Well that's all I'm writing now.

Stay healthy readers!

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