Tuesday, November 3, 2009

full Sail Update #2 -or- Writing my life's memoir at 19... absurd, but I guess I won't make it past 20.

So here we are again, week 2 is midway through. Over the weekend my group for BS (behavioral science) met and worked on our project. On monday morning we all met and filmed our proposal video which will be shown in class tomorrow. I didn't edit it, I helped in the beginning, but since then it's been handled by Patrick. From what I've been it's incredibly good, it feels so weird to not be editing something I worked on, but as long as it looks good I'm happy.

Ass for the memoir, that's our essay for English, which I was writing, but it seems I've stopped for the night (it's due thursday so no sweat). Speaking of approaching deadlines, I have my first midterm tomorrow (wednesday) at 5:15! Yes, that was fast.

Things are going swell, I've biked to class the past two days, it hasn't been too hot, and luckily it hasn't rained. On my to do list, get groceries, I've eaten most my hot/corn dog product, I'm out of toquitos, I have half a Pomegranate left, and the rest soup and frozen pizza products (rolls french bread, and bagel). And in the words of Jesus H. Christ, "Man cannot live on bread sauce and cheese alone." (can you believe they abridge that part?) I also need to pick up envelopes so I can mail people, as handwritten letter are way cooler than emails.

Last night I had a dream where Mom and I were sitting in the Weinburg right behind John Waters, watching Pink Flamingos. Somehow Mom wasn't appalled (I think god's suggesting movies for the thanksgiving visit). Anyhow, in the oddly placed intermission John came up and sat next to me. Dream me must be a moron because I remember little of what he said except "I'm working on a new movie soon, you should help out" and my response was something like "um... I'm going to film school so I can't really help, but you should come and talk to the students." While the second would be cool, we all know I'd jump on that opportunity in a heart beat.

Well with that I don't have class til 5:15, so I'm gonna sleep in tomorrow!

For the rest of you, Keep on truckin!

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