Saturday, March 31, 2007

Scrubs, Sonic and Mario, and any other random thoughts that cross my mind.

Well Some very happy news for us Scrubs fans. Today Zach Braff was awsome enough to write up a new blog, where he states that he's signed for another season, so all we need now is for NBC to renue the series. But if they don't he said ABC actually owns the series and they would pick it up if NBC doesn't so they could have a final season. But hope fully NBC will renue so we'll have atleast 2 more seasons. He also said that there are about 9 episodes left this season, so I pose the question that's on all our minds. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO LAVERN!!!

Also this week Nintendo and Sega announced "Mario and Sonic at the Olympics". This is wonderful news basically because as we all know Nintendo and Sega used to be how Nintendo an Sony are today partially because "Genesis does what Nintendon't" (sega's old ad campaign) But now they are working together in harmony. This is just big news for that reason, and that's the reason I'll be buying it, because I'm not much of an olympics fan but Sonic and Mario together at last. Perfect! Any way I had this awsome picture idea where Mario was lighting the olympic tourch with a fire ball and Sonic standing next to the torch perhaps running around it to make some kind of flamming tornado. I might have to do the tornado sense drawing Sonic from behind seems nearly impossible, but when I get the picture done I'll post it for all to see.

I haven't seen Borat or 300 yet but I only hear good things and I'm begining to feel I'm behind the times, missing all the latest movies. I also want to see Garden State sense I'm a Zach Braff fan. Yeah I guess I'll conclude the blog on that note. More talkings later!


Em said...

My friends and I in A.P. U.S. constantly tell out teacher that we WILL be watching Borat after the A.P. test because it depicts America in some form or another.

He tells us "no". But we will not be deterred!

Kevin Cole said...

Yeah, I keep trying to get our AP world teacher to let us watch History of the World part 1 in class after the test, but he says we can't.