Sunday, April 1, 2007

Sunday morning doodles.

Today during the 11:00 service, Ryan, Rusty, and I were gifted enough to sit in on Linette's K-5th grade class. We got to draw... WITH CRAYONS!!! I don't think the world is ready for Ryan or Rusty's illustrations because Linette sent them to the trash can, luckily she didn't see mine and they survived the journey so all you may gaze upon their majesty. Look below!!!
This one was inspired by Bobby Martin when I overheard him saying something to Rusty about "grandma's cookies" if you notice the grandma has robot legs.

I think this speaks for its self about the "3 VWs for under $17,000" ads, origenally the person was going to have cancer but I decided to leave that out sense some people might be offended. But the guy is bald so maybe he does... hmm who knows.

Well, that's it for today, oh wait. I saw the trailer for the new GTA game and the main character has a heavy German accent which made me chuckle, although I have no intent to buy the game. Yeah so that really is it for today. More to come in the future.


Em said...

If it was sent to the trash can, obviously it was hilarious. And where is the Thug love pic?!?!?!

Kevin Cole said...

That was Ryan's these two were mine, I told Ryan to scan his and put it all over the internet but so far nothing. For those who don't know the "Thug Love" peice was a worksheet with a picture of Jesus praying but Ryan made Jesus African-American, put a gun in his hand and had him shooting a police man, but it's okay because according to him Police Man represented sin.