Friday, April 6, 2007

5 quick things (please help w/ #5)

eah1: The Sonic and Mario at the olympics picture I wrote about a while back is almost done, so expect that by the end of the weekend.

2: I may be doing a picture in honor of Laverne who sadly passed awayon last nights Scrubs

3: Alex should be getting the cable ha needs to put yesterdays short film on the computer and edit it so hopefully that will get done by the end of next week, but I make no promisses.

4: If you haven't noticed, I added put the Starfleet Commander video to the right, so f you click that it will open on this page and you can watch it here, nifty huh?

5: HELP!?! does anyone know how to get the pictures I put in posts to enlarge when you click on them? Help is much appreciated sense it's driving my crazy trying to figure it out and not succeeding.

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