Saturday, April 28, 2007


Our Youth Praise Team just can't seem to get along. At first things were going fine, except Bobby was the last person to show up even though he insisted on meeting at 9. But when we got into the music aspect things went from good to bad. You see Bobby and Dan, have a terrible habit of picking at every little flaw in a song, which just leads to arguements. Rusty can get kind of arguementative about things, but that's solely because the drummers (either him or Ryan when Ryan comes) often get shot down the most so I clearly understand where he's comming from. I'm probably the most pesimistic one about our group though because while everyones argueing I'm not and I just sit on the sidelines watching them make fools out of them selves. Not to mention there are so much bad vibes as a result of it sometime I just want to leave the practice and wait till they stop fighting. Now I could pick t some musical problem we have but I'm not willing to stoop down to that level, this is about the attitude of the band which seriously needs to pick up because the constant bickering between other members is driving me nuts.

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Em said...

Alrighty then. At least we provide your entertainment, I guess.

Peamer said...

youth praise bands are very difficult, but extremely rewarding.
keep focused on the message of the music.