Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tech Week Begin's tomorrow...

And since I can text Message updates to Twitter, keep and eye on the right side of the page to find out what's going on. Just check back every now and then and see what I'm up to during these weeks of tech.

I don't know if I'm covered at work on Thursday yet today, but I should know by tonight. In other news if I'm not at Church on Sunday, odds are it's in relation to the fact that I'm not at work on Monday... Sorry god, but I'll be back in like 2 weeks.

Prom's comming up and I need to buy Ticket(s?) by the end of the week, so I need to decide whether or not I'm actually doing this, depends on who's going and the whole date thing... yup...

So anyway I've gotten back into the Beach Boys over the course of the past hour, I have Pet Sounds and Endless Summer on my ipod. If anyone wants tickets to Charlie Brown let me know and I'll sell them to you for $5, that's a dollar cheaper than at the door. I'm not seen much, but I appreciate your support. Afterall, it is taking up my life for the next 2 weeks.

Tech week updates on the twitter sidebar, work, god, prom, beach boys, charlie brown tickets.

PS I'm eating at Old Towne for the first time since they opened tonight (but karli doesn't know because she's doing other things.

PPS- Yesterday at work a kind customer told me that of the clerks he's encountered in his life I'm on the top of the list because I'm polite and friendly and such things. Pretty sweet, really brought up my day.

PPPS- In sadder news which brought down my day yesterday, Buddy the Podcast Dog had to be put to sleep, it's really quite sad, and I know he's going to really be missed by the whole Go Nintendo Podcast Crew, so Rest In Peace Buddy. If you guys want read about him you can check out the story here, it's really quite sad. So although I already E-mailed this to RMC, my condolences go out to him and rest of the Podcast Crew.

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