Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Update

I have cold and it sucks, because when the weather gets warm I get a cold, What's up with that?

THEF1REMAN (IAMAPHONEY) posted a new video today entitled "Live fo rehtaf" Which is Father Of Evil backwards, check it out...

Also 65if2007 found IAMAPHONEY's Suitcase which he hid near Manson's Ranch for viewers to find, What was inside can be seen in this link.

I have yet to upload the impact videos to my computer, but that will most likely be happening tonight. Charlie Brown tech week starts next Wednesday, which means I have to get my work schedule worked out by then. Things are a tad on the crazy side, but in good news I understand what we're currently doing in math it seems pretty easy.

Oh, I signed up to take my SATs on May 3rd, so first SATs, and then that night my first Prom, and that's all on a saturday so I'd again need to get work straitend out. By the way filling out that annoying SAT survey with my parents was probably like 30 minutes of hell, I don't recomend it because it's meaningless and Super Annoying.

Well I have work to do, I shall return with more fun information at a later date.

PS: Earl Returns on Thursday.
PPS: I won't see it because I'll be working so don't tell me what happens.

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